What Is Thought Leadership? – ShoeMoney

Buzzwords are annoying aren’t they? Our industry is full of them. “Think outside the box,” “sysnergize,” “content is king,” “SEO is Dead,” “next-level,” Etc. But sometimes, no matter how annoying the buzzword, how overused, it’s still useful and important. Thought leadership is one of those words. You might be rolling your eyes already. I’d like you to stop mid-roll and listen for a moment. Thought leadership fulfills the demands of today’s audience more than ever. Both businesses and customers demand authenticity. They’re tired of being shilled by countless media moguls, politicians, and businessmen. They want to know that you not only deliver what you promise, but you are who you say you are. How does thought leadership do this? Today you’re going to find out. Keep scrolling to learn more. What Is Thought Leadership? If you could bring every customer into your business and train them on your products, you […]

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