Staying Positive and Building a Business That Matters with Marc and Angel Chernoff

Marc Chernoff: When it comes to growth personally and professionally, discomfort is really the key to the growth that you ultimately want for yourself. So do something every single day that challenges you, or scares you, just a little bit, right? You know, you don’t have to go crazy, but . . . Pat Flynn: You’re listening to Marc Chernoff, who is here with his wife, Angel, and they’re going to be talking about some of the biggest discomforts that they’ve had in their life that have helped push them forward into a very successful business, helping hundreds of thousands of people. You’re going to learn about how they got started in business and kind of accidentally fell into this business, how long it took for them to monetize, what they monetized with, it is actually a lot simpler than you might think. You’re going to discover how they dealt […]

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