Here’s a Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain of How SPI Operates

Take a sneak peek behind the curtains of how SPI operates, from our core values and mission to management to business systems and tools for performance. Matthew Gartland April 8, 2019 Tony Robbins. A primetime news broadcaster. The front-man for a popular band. What do they all have in common? One heck of a team behind the scenes that brings their respective magic to life. Your favorite newscaster, for example, may be a star. But the folks in the control room are the ones running the show. Aaron Sorkin’s show Newsroom puts the chemistry between newsroom team and big personality broadcaster on captivating and insightful display as only Sorkin can. I love it so much not just because the writing is brilliant but more so because of the truths it conveys: big personalities cannot do it alone; uncontrolled ego is a destructive force; mutual deference between authority figures (e.g. between […]

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