10 Timeless Business Lessons I Learned During My 7-Year Agency Career (And Why I Sold Mine)

Matt Gartland, CFO and COO at SPI, shares 10 timeless business lessons, from the importance of your people and culture to why ideas alone don’t make a business. Matt Gartland February 25, 2019 By: Matthew Gartland, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at SPI. If you haven’t heard the news, something special is happening here at SPI. The team has officially forged as one. We’re upping our game with smarter and bigger plans for the future of SPI. (Hello, FlynnCon1!) And all of us as the collective “Team Flynn” community are invited to have a louder voice than ever to help empower entrepreneurs from all walks of life to create a lasting impact with their work. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited to press start on this new chapter! As Semisonic made famous during my youth, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” Ends are bittersweet. This […]

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