SPI 217: Brik Book and How Brett Miller Quit His 6-Figure Job to Build LEGOs

My guest today is Brett Miller, an inspiring entrepreneur who left a comfortable job to build a one-of-a-kind product called Brik Book. It might not surprise you to hear that me and my son are big fans of LEGO. So when I heard the buzz about Brett’s LEGO-compatible, customizable laptop case, I had to know more. I’ve invited Brett on the show today to learn how he validated, manufactured, and promoted his wildly successful product. Building a physical product—as opposed to a digital one—comes with a unique set of challenges. Creators like Brett have to contend with testing, fulfillment, communicating with manufacturers, and responding to customer demand. Brett gets into all that and more, outlining what entrepreneurs can expect when they set out to make their dream product a reality. You’ll hear the strategies and software he’s used to get Brik Book out into the world, plus his experiences using platforms like Kickstarter and Shopify. Tune in […]

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