How to Plan Anything (So You Actually Get it Done)

My formula for planning anything without getting overwhelmed, plus how you can use it to write the perfect blog post! Pat Flynn May 21, 2018 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Have you ever tried to plan something and just gotten completely overwhelmed? Today, I’m going to give you my PAT formula for planning anything—along with the one tool I use to make any planning process dead simple. I’ll dig into the details of the PAT formula in just a minute. But first, the thing I love the most about the PAT formula is it’s applicable to just about anything you might be planning. Maybe you’re building a business, or writing a book. Maybe you’re creating something smaller, like a podcast episode or a blog post. Or maybe you’re planning an event, like a party or a vacation. It could even be something as big as a wedding. Whatever it is, […]

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