The Miracle Equation and How to Help You Achieve Your Biggest Goals

Hal Elrod: He said, “Hal, you don’t have that kind of cancer. You don’t have a slow growing tumor.” He goes, “You were healthy last week. You’re on the verge of death right now, and you’ve got days to live if we don’t do chemo.” I thought that was a scare tactic. I’m like, “You know, let me sleep on it.” I Googled it and basically found this is real, most people die from this cancer because they go and get misdiagnosed with pneumonia, which is what I was diagnosed with initially. Then before they figure out what’s actually wrong, the person’s dead. And so I started chemo . . . Pat Flynn: You’re listening to Hal Elrod, a near and dear friend of mine who has gone through, now, a second near-death experience. The first time he was on the show, he talked about his book The Miracle Morning, […]

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