Inside a 5-Figure JV Affiliate Promotion

In this Campaign Income Report, I’m going to unpack a promotion I ran for someone else’s online course. Here’s how I became one of the top three affiliates and earned five figures in the process without spending any money on ads! Pat Flynn January 28, 2019 Welcome to the first of our new edition of income reports here on SPI! For nearly a decade since the blog was created in October 2008, I’ve been sharing monthly income reports to reveal exactly how my online businesses were performing, including exactly how much money was being made, where it was all coming from, the expenses and the lessons learned that month, too. These income reports, many said, are what put me on the map and what I had become known for, and they were the most popular blog posts on the site. Then, in January 2018, I stopped publishing them. For an […]

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