The State of Podcasting in 2019 with Matt and Pat

Pat Flynn: Hey, you know what I love about the fact that you’re listening to this right now? The fact that you already know what a podcast is. Now, whether you already have a podcast of your own or not doesn’t really matter. But what’s cool is we’re talking about the state of podcasting in 2019 because there’s a lot of changes that are happening, a lot of cool things that are relevant to you whether you have a podcast or not, so make sure you stay around, pay attention, because it’s me and my COO Matt talking podcasting. But first, the intro. Announcer: Welcome to the Smart Passive Income Podcast, where it’s all about working hard now so you can sit back and reap the benefits later. And now your host. He wants to invent a hot sauce called “Pat on the Back,” Pat Flynn. Pat: What’s up, everybody? […]

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