How Business Leaders Can Tackle Anxiety in the Workplace, Especially Among the Young

Chances are, you’ve got members of “the most anxious generation” working for you. What can you do to help? June 11, 2019 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, columnist Sue Shellenbarger explained that if your 20-something employee ghosts you — the CEO — you shouldn’t be surprised: Anxiety may have gotten the better of him or her, as it apparently has for an alarmingly large percentage of that age group — the one the WSJ called “the most anxious generation.” As director of the outpatient anxiety disorders program at Harvard’s McLean Hospital, I find that these statements ring true: I’ve witnessed how, among the various mental health disorders, anxiety disorders are the most common, and how people who are anxious at work often go on to develop these disorders. Unfortunately, people stay quiet about them at the same time. According to an American Heart Association CEO Roundtable-commissioned survey, 63 percent of employees […]

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