SPI 218: Starting an Online Course? Best Practices and Getting People to Follow Through with Ankur from Teachable.com

My guest today is the creator of an online platform that’s become an essential part of my business. He’s Ankur Nagpal, and that platform is Teachable.com. I’ve talked a lot about how great online courses can be for evangelizing your business, building community, growing your customer base, and providing massive amounts of value to your audience. Ankur believes this too, which is why he built a platform that makes it easier for course creators to find their ideal audience—and create income in the process. Today, Ankur’s sharing everything he’s learned about what makes a successful online course and the most common mistakes he sees first-time course creators make. You’ll also learn about Teachable’s creation, from its early successes to the roadblocks it encountered along the way. I love Teachable—I’m even using it now for my free Will It Fly? companion course—and I love what online courses can do for entrepreneurs and their audiences. Listen in, and learn why. Thanks […]

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