Why Does a Plumber Need SEO?

Plumbing is an ancient device. The earliest known water pipes date back to 4000-3000 B.C. in India. It took nearly 6000 years for us to invent the modern toilet. What then does a plumber need with contemporary digital technology? You don’t need the internet to fix a drain problem. What the regular Joe often forgets is that plumbers have to be businessmen too. And if you’re a plumber who wants to eat and pay their mortgage, you’ve gotta have an online presence. Here are the reasons any businessman needs SEO. 1. Long Term Benefit Unless you became a plumber to become a businessman, you probably don’t have a business degree. You’re thinking about pipes not future business strategy. But you are running a business, and a profitable business has long-term potential. The internet isn’t going away. Thus, more of your potential clients and customers are going to be online in […]

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