How Alex from Travel Fashion Girl Built Her Empire

Alex Jimenez: I don’t know even know how to explain it, because it really was such a whirlwind. It was cool to see the opportunities, but again, I don’t think I quite understood the possibility behind it. I thought, “Man, if I can make enough money; a couple of hundred dollars a week or something, where I could just cover the cost of my travel.” Pat Flynn: You are listening to Alex from, an amazing friend of mine who I’ve gotten to know very well over the last year. She has a great story about how she almost stumbled upon her niche, which is the travel industry, through a lot of experiences, and problems, and people that she had experienced on her own travels. She built this website and it took off and it became a world wind . . . a world wind? A whirlwind of an opportunity […]

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How to Create a Clickable Backup Affiliate Ad for AdSense

Sometimes an AdSense unit won’t display an ad to a user for whatever reason. When an AdSense unit doesn’t show an ad, it leaves an odd amount of space within the content, and reduces my ability to monetize those pages – and I find that unacceptable. This used to be a much more significant problem, but in the age of remarketing, AdSense can usually find an ad to display for a user even if your particular page content doesn’t have a good content specific match for one. But, sometimes an ad still won’t show, so I still define a backup ad for my AdSense units. AdSense offers up the ability to specify what you want to show in the place of an AdSense unit that doesn’t display an ad for whatever reason when you create an AdSense unit. The drop down offers you the option to decide whether you want […]

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