A 3-Step Process for Creating Great Products Every Time

Avoid the common pitfalls of development and build stronger prototypes by applying these three principles. July 10, 2019 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Nearly every startup prides itself on its proprietary software products. And that’s no surprise: Digital systems are crucial to operations and hold most of the value of everything founders and their teams work to build. Therefore, getting the development process correct from the get-go can have life-or-death consequences for your startup. Related: The 7 Steps of Effective Product Development After all, young companies know — or should know — that their futures hinge on their ability to hit development home runs. Seven in 10 upstart tech companies fail within the first two years, according to CB Insights. And, in today’s world, practicing a basic agile development philosophy (used for managing product development teams) will guarantee your company hitting a certain meeting cadence and your developers using […]

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