The Ultimate List of Learning Management Systems |

Updated by Lexi Rodrigo on March 10, 2018 When you’re faced with a choice and there are way too many options, what happens? One of two things: either you freeze and choose nothing, or you make a choice without feeling like you really knew it was the *right* choice for you. This is definitely a big problem when you’re looking for the best learning management system (LMS) for your online course. Your choice of LMS is important, because it isn’t just a software app that lets you organize your course content, present it online, and manage student quizzes and assignments. Your LMS influences your experience of course creation – as a frustrating struggle or a fun adventure – and it has a huge impact on your students’ experience of learning from you, too. But when I started looking at LMS providers, I found several hundred options. There were so many […]

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