5 Ways CMOs Can Take Advantage of the Current Business Landscape

Now is the time for CMOs to nurture relationships with the rest of the c-suite and trumpet revenue-generating results. November 6, 2019 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. After years of clamoring for more recognition, chief marketing officers finally have their seat at the table. Not so long ago, CEOs and CFOs tended to view marketing departments strictly as a cost center where artsy people sat around coming up with pretty pictures and creative ideas. That’s all been turned on its head as the top leaders increasingly look to CMOs as vital engines of growth.  This new-found recognition means they are under more pressure than ever to prove their value to CEOs and CFOs in terms of revenue and profits, as well as justify the rising spend, especially on marketing technology. There’s simply no place for CMOs to hide anymore. And they shouldn’t want to. […]

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