Why Your Website (Might) Suck and How to Fix It

In addition to guest posting on the UpCity blog, Weight Creative Communications Agency is featured as one of the Top Web Designers in Vancouver. Check out their profile here. Put simply, there’s a distinct possibility that your website might suck. Perhaps you’re painfully aware of the many sins your website is guilty of committing or maybe you’re blissfully oblivious. Either way, let’s take a step back and hold a magnifying glass up to each facet of your web presence. When our team objectively critiques websites, we assess them based on ten very important rules that we believe must not be broken. So, get comfortable, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a nice ‘adult beverage’, we’re not judging!) and begin to embark on the journey to abolishing all your website woes! 1. Always be responsive Your website needs to be 100% responsive. This means it displays appropriately on all devices and screen sizes with a layout […]

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