Nearly 24 Percent of Parents Are Buying Tablets for Their Preschoolers

August 12, 2019 3 min read This story originally appeared on PCMag When I was in fifth grade, the tech bug bit — my tweenage cohorts and I grew desperate for phones (back when they still flipped). Some got lucky; others, not so much. Regardless of how we fared, we all agreed: No one younger than us should have a phone. Our logic was two-fold. In part, we were wiser, kinder, and more mature than those fourth-grade philistines. And of course, we genuinely couldn’t fathom what a toddler would do with one. But that was a decade ago (yes, it weirds me out too), and the tech landscape has changed dramatically — iPhones became ubiquitous, laptops became essential and tablets simply became. As parents equipped themselves with fancy devices, their kids benefitted. Want to shut up your screeching three-year-old? Hand them an iPad and load up a (hopefully not edited) Peppa Pig video. Simple. Now you’ll walk down […]

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