3 Things I Learned Moving from Content Marketer to Thriller Novelist

I started working in the content marketing industry 20 years ago. Everything I did from the start until 2018 revolved around teaching businesses about content marketing and how they could use it effectively. But, in 2018, I quit everything. Not only that, I took a year-long sabbatical, which included a full 30 days of no electronics. It was during that year I decided to follow a new passion: writing. I mean, I’ve always been a writer in some capacity. I have five published business books to prove it. I’m talking about writing fiction. Specifically, a thriller novel. I can honestly say it was one of the most difficult transitions of my life. Business writing, for me, always came naturally. Writing fiction? I was all thumbs. But I pushed through … and actually ended up learning quite a few things during my transition from content marketer to novelist. Here are three. […]

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