Are You Doing These 3 Things to Foster Brand Community?

It’s never too late to course-correct and treat your customers as if they are welcome guests and members of a valued community. April 22, 2019 6 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. When Bird scooters started popping up in towns across America, an opportunity to earn money came with them. The unseen people keeping Birds running are freelancers who gather the scooters during the night, charge them and deliver them back to their roosts by morning. Bird claims that becoming a “charger” means entering an empowered community of night owls. But those who have tried the gig felt no such belonging. Some chargers signed up expecting a fun way to make extra money only to find a system wrought with fraud and frustration. Bird’s success is dependent on enough people buying into the idea of joining the charger community, making them more like members than employees. But […]

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