The UN Is Moving Toward Ending Decades of International Cannabis Prohibition

America and the entire world is waking up to the promise of cannabis and tiring of prohibition. March 25, 2019 9 min read Opinions expressed by Green Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The pace of expansion within the “legalized” cannabis industry is impossible to miss. News of U.S. states “going legal” or large commercial operations “going public” are often front page news. Notably, an increasing number of non-cannabis businesses find themselves working with the industry as it expands and requires greater resources. In all of this, people ask, “How is this legal?” Explaining the quickly-evolving U.S. regulatory framework is complicated — and it’s just as complicated at the international level. The role of United Nations coordinating international cannabis prohibitions. Following the creation of the United Nations (UN), member countries sought to consolidate existing treaties and debates concerning the control of so-called dangerous drugs. With this stated purpose, the UN convened and […]

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