Creating Highly Targeted PPC Campaigns for the Legal Industry

In addition to guest posting on the UpCity blog, The SMB Team is featured as one of the Top Attorney PPC Agencies in North America. Check out their profile here. What Are Negative Keywords? In short, negative keywords are any keyword that will prevent your ad from showing up for a certain phrase or word when placed in your pay per click (PPC) campaign. Essentially, you avoid paying for clicks from individuals who aren’t your ideal client. There are different types of negative keywords that apply specifically to law firms. For example, there are price-sensitive keywords such as: free, pro-bono, and affordable. If you add “pro-bono” as a negative keyword to your Google Ads campaign, you’ll tell Google not to show your ads to users who are typing that in along with your targeted keyword (e.g. Divorce attorney vs Free Divorce Attorney) when making searches. This process allows you to niche down within […]

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