5 Practical Time Management Tips for the Chronically Time-Poor

In 2009, I chucked my marketing job to become a freelance copywriter. I worked from home each day. I had a waitlist of clients and my business grew. Life was good. With a consistent stream of projects to complete, I thought I was under pressure, but looking back, I knew nothing. Ten years and two kids later, I know what it means to have constraints on my time. These days, I still write copy for clients. I also open my copywriting course twice a year. I have a private coaching membership program and regular one-on-one sessions. I publish a daily email about copywriting and co-host a copywriting podcast. Sounds like a lot, right? And I do it all with less than 12 hours of child-free time a week. Whether you’re running a business around family commitments or you want to do more in less time, so maybe (gasp) you don’t […]

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