What to Do When You’re Just Not Ready to Get Started

The very moment when we think we’re not ready is precisely the moment that we are. May 15, 2018 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Excerpted from Amber Rae’s book Choose Wonder Over Worry. Ever think to yourself, I’m not ready yet. When I get there, I’ll finally go do the thing that matters most … Related: To Massively Increase Your Confidence, Plan to Spend Your Time Constructively I once worked with a bikini designer who, in five years, built a thriving brand that garnered the worldwide attention of Vogue, Elle and well-known celebrities. But she did so at the expense of what she most wanted but didn’t think she was ready for: illustrating children’s books. Another client — an aspiring author — had a knack for making articles go viral online, but when it came to packaging his big ideas into a book proposal, he ran the […]

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