A Huge Announcement (& Lessons on Evolving Your Business)

Today we have a very special and important announcement from ConvertKit’s founder Nathan Barry, who’s here to talk about how to evolve your business by making critical decisions and getting uncomfortable . . . which ties in perfectly with the big news that Nathan’s about to drop. Stay tuned! [Full Disclosure: I’m a compensated advisor and an affiliate for ConvertKit.]

Last time I had Nathan on the show (Session 244) we talked about how he bootstrapped ConvertKit from nothing into one of the best email service providers out there (the best email service provider out there, in my opinion). And actually, Nathan was on the show all the way back in Session 75 (!) talking about how he was making six figures by self-publishing books.

ConvertKit reached an incredible goal recently, hitting $1 million a month in monthly recurring revenue. If you want to read more about how Nathan got his company to that level, read The Million Dollar Tweet: 8 Lessons to Grow a Successful Business on my blog. But Nathan is determined to take ConvertKit to the next level–even further than the success he’s already achieved—and that’s part of what his big announcement is all about.

If you want to see Nathan’s video announcement for this big change, you can watch it right here.

Even if you don’t use ConvertKit, you can still take away a lot from today’s episode because the truth is this: What got you here won’t get you there. If you have bigger goals and aspirations for your business, you’re probably going to have to change something to get to that next level.

By nature, change is never easy. It’s hard, even scary, and there’s always that voice in the back of our heads saying “what if.” What if the change makes things worse, or what if our audience or customers don’t like it? All of these what-ifs can really hold us back if we let them get under our skin. We can’t predict the future. The only thing to do is to move forward and make the changes that we think will make things even better. If it doesn’t go so well, hey, we learn. If the changes are successful, we start thinking about what we have to do next to grow even more.

Nathan has a lot to teach us about navigating change so that we can grow even more. Stick around! [Full Disclosure: I’m a compensated advisor and an affiliate for ConvertKit.]

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Special thanks to Nathan Barry for joining me this week. Until next time!


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