9 Quotes on Entrepreneurship and Starting a Business from Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian

Internet entrepreneur, angel investor and not to mention the spouse of famed tennis star Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian is one of today’s most acclaimed tech entrepreneurs. Born and raised in New York, Ohanian graduated college before co-founding the incredibly popular site, Reddit, at 23 years old.

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Of course, just like many entrepreneurs, things weren’t smooth sailing for Ohanian. In fact, before creating the news-aggregation site, Ohanian and his co-founder, Steve Huffman, invented a phone-based sandwich ordering app in 2005 — a concept initially rejected by Y Combinator. However, shortly after, the duo pitched Reddit, which quickly became an internet sensation. Today, Reddit has become the sixth most popular website.

Since Reddit, Ohanian has gone on to launch multiple venture capital firms to help other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. When it comes to entrepreneurship, Ohanian is a role model and can teach anyone a thing or two about launching a business.

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Here are nine quotes from Ohanian on motivation, pitching, starting a business and more.


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