5 Ways to Convert More Prospects by Making Your Case

Your headline draws them in, while your opening copy maintains the magnetic hold.

The express benefits give them hope that they may have found the solution they desire.

And then you ask for the sale with an explicit call to action.

A total win, right? Then why are you still disappointed with your results?

You’re doing a lot right, and that’s why you make some sales. But you could be selling a lot more if you take the time to make your case.

Here’s what I mean.

Your headline, lead, and benefits are promises. When you make assertions about your product or service, you subsequently need your prospect to believe you.

Now, this is where content marketing helps immensely. When you provide value with the right information before asking for the sale, people naturally view your offer with a more positive frame of mind.

Even with that established trust, however, people want proof that your claims are true. You’re connecting with them right away at an emotional level that triggers the “I want” impulse, but people still want additional information that satisfies their rational minds.

So, take the time to give them assurance that they’re making the right decision. This is the real reason longer copy works — you’re providing enough information that assures a larger group of potential buyers.

Look at your existing sales page, and locate every claim your copy makes.

What can you do to provide logical backup to each beneficial promise?

Here are five solid ways to bolster those promises and make your case stronger:

  1. Data: Are there scientific studies that back up the assertions you make in your copy? Do you have hard numbers for the benefits you promise? Can you prove financial results with real numbers?
  2. Outside Authority: You work hard to become a likable expert with your content, but when it comes down to making your case, outside authority is gold. Can you point to a recommendation or review from a third-party your prospect respects?
  3. Measurable Facts: Depending on what you’re selling, there are general claims you make that can be enhanced by specific, measurable facts. If your average time to close a real estate purchase is lower than the industry average, don’t just say “I get you closed faster.” Specify exactly how much faster.
  4. Testimonials: Social proof is powerful, and prospects are looking to hear from real people who have experienced the benefits you’re promising. Here, again, specificity rules over general assertions that “you rock.” If someone is willing to provide a testimonial, get them to focus on one specific aspect of your offering, and then get others to cover additional benefits you claim.
  5. Guarantee: Removing risk from the buyer and placing it back on yourself is the final — and often most powerful — form of proof that establishes you stand behind your claims. Instead of worrying about returns and refunds, take a look at how your sales volume increases. I guarantee you’ll be pleased.

Don’t get hung up on the amount of copy you generate. Not all prospects will read everything before buying, and that’s fine. What you’re doing is catching those prospects who do need to consume more copy than others.

People think that changing the headline or the “buy now” button color is what conversion optimization is all about. Sometimes, though, the real issue is that you’re simply not providing enough assurance to a large enough set of your prospects.

Back up your claims. Anticipate and eliminate objections. Reverse the risk.

This is what making your case is all about. Here’s to increased conversions!


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