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75% of workers admit to using drugs on the job. The last thing any employer wants is to discover their staff members are under the influence of drugs while working. Drugs impair your ability to function properly.

This is one of the many reasons why employers create a drug
testing protocol. You’ll ensure your staff is productive and aren’t secretly
using drugs.

However, you also want your drug testing procedure to be
fair. It’s also easy going into the drug testing procedure knowing very little

If you’re ready to start your drug testing procedure, these
5 tips ensure your procedure will be fair and effective.

Test At the Right Times

There are many ways to decide when it is best to drug test your staff members. Common choices include:

  • Pre-employment
  • Random
  • Post-accident
  • Follow-up
  • After a work hiatus/vacation

However, always ensure you test your staff at the right
times. Inform them of the testing times in advance. If your testing is random, inform
them when they’re hired. Ask them to sign a contract to ensure they comply.

Have Clear Anti-Drug Rules

Your drug testing policy shouldn’t be the only indicator of
your anti-drug rules.

Have a clear anti-drug policy and keep it documented for all employees to access.

Examples include emailing each hire the document and posting the rules in the office. If necessary, ask your staff members to sign a copy of the rules.

Don’t Provide the Opportunity to Cheat

Your employees are smart. They can find ways to work around a drug test.

Examples include taking time off drug use the first few weeks before they’re hired and swapping urine, hair, saliva, etc. with a sober friend or co-worker.

Don’t let your staff work around these opportunities. Choose a reliable drug testing company that can effectively catch drugs in their system and can train you on drug testing best practices.

You can also opt for random drug tests as opposed to only pre-employment drug tests.

Pick the Best Test

There are many ways to test for drugs. They all have their
pros and cons and different pricing points. Choose the test that’s best for
your company.

Most companies use the urine test. More drugs stay in the urine for longer periods of time. However, this method calls for more sneakiness, such as your staff member slipping different urine into the test.

This is when another method, such as the hair test, is more accurate.

Don’t Allow Drug Use Into Your Workplace

Ideally, no employee will use drugs at work or even outside
of work. But this isn’t always the case. Identifying addicted staff members isn’t
always easy. This is why you should implement an effective drug testing policy.

However, it’s easy to create an ineffective and even biased
drug testing protocol. The goal is to identify drug abusers at your work.
Choose your testing times and methods wisely while also enforcing strict
anti-drug rules.

Drug abuse is also another common reason for workplace accidents. Learn more about workplace accidents here.


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