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It’s Monday in December. The sky is grey and pregnant ready to birth winter. Your employees look like dead walkers ready to shamble over the wall into Westeros.

You feel their anguish and wish you could do something about their drab existence. But you head back into your office, shut the door, and open your web browser. There appears this Shoemoney blog.

You don’t remember opening this blog before you left on Friday. Did someone break in and use your computer?

No matter, you start reading the article on the screen. You quickly realize it’s about how to improve morale in the workplace. Your puffy eyes perk up and you keep reading.

1. Percolate Their Mornings

My wife is a veterinarian. Her coworkers are mostly country folk who don’t care about the flavor of their coffee. But her assistants and staff are Millenials. They do care about their coffee.

Day-old Folgers laced with dehydrated creamer wasn’t cutting it. She talked to the partners and convinced them to buy bulk from a local coffee roaster. Their employees increased their productivity by 20%.

Hire a high-quality office coffee service. Your employees will liven up and they’ll give you more work than you ever imagined.

2. Survey Stress and Eliminate

Added stress is harmful to the body. Increased blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism, blood flow to the muscles, all of this is supposed to help you react quickly for survival. But it’s not good for your body to constantly be in this mode.

Your body shuts down the cognitive function of your brain when you’re in fight or flight. You act instinctually. This is why violence can happen when someone gets fired.

No matter how chill your workplace is, there will always be stressful aspects. Your job as employer is to minimize stress as much as possible to allow your employees the highest productivity.

Send out an anonymous survey. Let employees tell you what the most stressful parts of their jobs are. Then figure out how to eliminate their stress.

3. Encourage Lunch Breaks

Have you ever been given a lunch break and felt guilty for taking it? If you leave the property, you feel like you’re sneaking around.

This should never be the case. Remember that whole stress thing? If your employees don’t know you highly encourage a robust lunch break, they’ll think you want them to stay. They’ll stress out every time they leave the office.

Take your employees out to lunch and give a presentation on how to relax on their lunch break. Give them long lunch breaks as well.

This might seem counterproductive, but I guarantee they’ll be more productive during their work hours.

Bonus: Vacation Is Key

I once worked at a place that gave you “paid time off” instead of vacation and sick leave. The reason? “Employees have more freedom in how they use their hours.”

How do employees see this? “I have X hours of vacation so I’ll go to work sick so I don’t lose them.”

Give ample vacation AND sick leave. Your employees will be healthier and more productive.


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