10 Podcasters Who Grew Their Business on Top of Their Show

In this post, ten podcasters who grew their business on top of their show share how they did it, from podcast ROI to podcast Kickstarters and more!

Pat Flynn

10 Podcasters Who Grew Their Business on Top of Their Show

Podcasting isn’t just a hobby for people anymore. For many, it’s about business growth and profit.

In this post, I’m going to share several examples of how different people have used their new podcast to either grow an existing business or start a brand new one.

When I started podcasting in 2010, I wasn’t ready for the kind of positive results it would have for my brand. It didn’t happen overnight, but relatively quickly, my podcast began helping me extend my reach, increase my authority, and grow my income.

In a survey I conducted in 2012, for example, I learned that the Smart Passive Income Podcast was the #1 way my audience discovered me, ahead of links on other sites and SEO.

In 2017, once I had developed my own online courses to sell, I learned that a well-planned episode could contribute an extra 5 or even 6 figures during a launch, if it was executed properly.

I added a podcast on top of my existing online blog and brand, which is very common. Some people, however, have stopped blogging all together and instead rely solely on their podcast as the primary content platform for all of their business. Case in point: my friend Amy Porterfield and her excellent Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast.

Others, like Shawn Stevenson, host of The Model Health Show, have used a podcast to transition from a private in-person practice to a public online business empire.

And then there’s Melissa Monte, a student of mine who literally started from scratch. After attending one of my Power-Up Podcasting workshops, she was quick to develop her podcast, Mind Love, a weekly that show dives into evidence-based research and raw personal stories to help you boost your happiness, health, and success. Here’s what Melissa told me about what her podcast has done for her business:

I used to be one of those people with too many ideas and too little action. I struggled through years of excessive domain purchases and little to no follow-through. After completing Pat Flynn’s Will It Fly?, I gained more clarity around what felt in alignment with my unique value, how I wanted to spend my time, and what would actually work. What I landed on was a podcast, just in time for the launch of Power-Up Podcasting.

I launched my podcast two months after taking Pat’s course, and I quit my corporate job four months after that, once my podcast started gaining traction. I was able to start slowly on sponsorships six months in, and one year after launch, I launched my first course.

I place an emphasis on joining my email list in every single episode, and I incentivize the signup with freebies I know my audience will love. I reduce the barrier to entry by allowing people to sign up via text message while on the go. I also got people used to receiving value from me on a daily basis by launching a daily inspirational email called The Morning Mind Love. Several people bought my course just to thank me for the value I’m adding to their lives each morning.

Now, I wake up every day with emails from people telling me how I’m changing their lives. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m so truly passionate about the topics of my podcast, it rarely feels like work. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I think about how my job is to spread love and positivity and interview people around the world who inspire me.

I love sharing the success stories of my students. It makes me proud to know they’ve taken action and are getting results that they never thought were possible.

And there’s plenty more where that came from!

Below, you’ll find 10 more success stories from students of my Power-Up Podcasting course who have used a podcast to grow their business and make more money. I’m sharing their stories in their own words, as reported in the Power-Up Podcasting private Facebook group (with a few very light edits).

In no particular order . . .

Meg Brunson

FamilyPreneur Podcast

Podcast: FamilyPreneur

Since launching my podcast in January of 2018, my business has more than doubled in revenue. I have leads identifying that it’s the podcast that brought them to me, and I also have generated revenue for products I only offered on the podcast.

I love that the podcast has transformed the quality of the leads that I am attracting in my business. In the past 30 days, for example, every single consultation call was with someone who also could also be a podcast guest… If a prospective client gives me a “not now” then I can leverage the podcast to provide them with some marketing exposure that benefits us both. Many of my guests have turned into referral partners and some have even become clients.

I love that both my guests and my listeners are my ideal clients—but my tip would be not to be too salesy with anyone! Like with most marketing, you want to focus on helping others and providing value. People really do appreciate that and it will help your podcast and clientele grow!

And one of the products I promote often is a freebie to help people plan their Facebook marketing, which leads them into other opportunities to work together.

Hassan Osman

Podcast: Writer on the Side

Writer on the Side Podcast

Since launching my podcast, Writer on the Side, I’ve sold three times more books than I did the previous month.

The interesting thing is that I don’t even market my books on the podcast! I just focus on teaching my audience and talk about the process I’ve followed to write and publish a few Amazon best-selling books.

So by sharing best practices with other prospective authors who work full-time jobs (and want to publish their own nonfiction book one day), I sold more books as a collateral effect 🙂

On that note, signing up to your PuP course and starting a podcast has been one of the best decisions I’ve made—so thank you!

Jaimeson Gann

Podcast: Life Lessons on a Sunday

Life Lessons on a Sunday

I just launched my podcast on January 13th of this year, so only 3 weeks in. I had my big business idea, but didn’t know which product to launch first or exactly how to explain it, so when I realized I could do a podcast and took your course, the first “service” I offered was the Life Lessons on a Sunday podcast! I have gotten so much positive feedback and have already secured my first sponsor (will be starting in March).

The other amazing thing is the listeners are sharing and telling people about it while explaining the purpose of the podcast! The best advertising out there! The next step will be to tweak the products I thought I was to create to what the listeners are telling me they want! I’m so excited and can’t wait to see where this podcast journey takes me and where I am in 6 months, 1 year and 5 years down the road!

Jason Hoschouer

Podcast: What’s Your Emergency?

What's Your Emergency podcast

As a student of both PuP and 123AM, I’ve learned how to leverage both. In my podcast, What’s Your Emergency?, we do two types of episodes. Every other week we do a full-length show and on the off weeks, we do an Ask WYE. On the Ask shows, I open with a 15-second or so “This episode is brought to you by [insert affiliate here].” One of my affiliates is the X3 Bar. Last year, I cleared $10,000 with that affiliate (in combo with a few YT videos). I don’t have hard numbers, what with all the cross promotion to my email list as well, but I’ve no doubt the knowledge I’ve gleaned from both courses has been the driving force in seeing a massive uptick in revenue.

Michael Pound

Podcast: Heal Better Fast

Heal Better Fast podcast

In 2017, I signed up for the Power-Up Podcasting Fast Track after doing the online PuP program. The Fast Track gave me the tools that I needed to start a podcast, the accountability I needed to follow through, and the motivation to keep it going.

As a result, the show gave me a great excuse to reach out to people who had more experience than I in certain areas of business, and that were doing things I wanted to.

I was able to make connections with a doctor that I interviewed for my show who was involved with Duke University and liked what I was doing. Through recommendation, I was accepted into the Duke Integrative Health Leadership Program which has propelled my career over the last year.

After several interviews, some of my podcast guests offered to help in areas of my business that would get me from product research, how to create a product, distribution, and crowdfunding and as a result, I was able to launch a Kickstarter campaign and successfully get funded on the first day.

I now have invites to meet with a couple celebrities and entrepreneurs to discuss future business deals, all results of taking action and putting my voice into the world. My business grew 25 percent the first year of my show and we are projected to double this year.

Troy Devine

The Gift with Troy Devine

Podcast: The Gift

I began my podcasting journey in July 2018. I had zero business vision (my bad) but knew I had a calling to have deep conversations with the best in the business.

Although my ROI is still zero in dollars, the ROI from gaining credibility and authority has gone through the roof.

As a result of my show, I can now call some of my guests via their private cell and have fantastic conversations with them … Now that’s REAL ROI!!

Life has definitely changed for me since I started my PUP Podcasting journey, from major anxiety, fear, and doubt, to becoming super intuitive, trusting, and spontaneous with all of my interviews.

I love Pat Flynn and all that he has shown me about ME !!

P.S. I do have a business plan and a vision now??

Holly Rustick

Grant Writing and Funding

Podcast: Grant Writing & Funding

Since starting my Grant Writing & Funding podcast in April 2017 I have had more than 37,000 downloads, my podcast is required listening for a master’s program at Chicago University (even though I’m broadcasting from GUAM!), and I have had TONs of leads/customers. My book is selling consistently, my course on Udemy is doing well, and I am growing my list. These “sidebar” income sources are announced through my podcast in the intro/outro and very little marketing anywhere else!

When I ask people where they came across me, many respond they found me via podcast. I am launching my membership this month and already have people on the waiting list, which was only announced via the podcast. This is my main source of marketing and the tie-in with the membership will be interesting as I will discuss topics but all downloads/forms/full videos on the same topic will be in the membership. As part of this experience, I also got a gig at the University of Guam and am launching their podcast on entrepreneurship and innovation. So indirectly launching this podcast has helped with several streams of income and marketing.

Jacques Hopkins

The Online Course Guy show podcast

Podcast: The Online Course Show

I started Piano In 21 Days (an online piano course) in 2013 and slowly grew it to the point where I could quit my job as an engineer at the end of 2015.

By 2017, because Piano In 21 Days was bringing in a multiple six-figure income and I had automated and outsourced so much, that it literally left me wondering what I should do with my time. So I started another online business: coaching others to succeed with online courses like I had.

My very first coaching client found me because I was interviewed on another podcast. He paid me for the first couple of sessions but then I got the idea to turn our coaching sessions into a podcast.

And that’s how The Online Course Show was born.

The first 20 episodes or so are just me coaching him but it eventually transformed into a podcast to interview other successful course creators all over the world. I throw in some solo shows here and there on online course best practices as well.

Now nearly 100 episodes in I can confidently say I created a brand (The Online Course Guy) strictly based on a podcast. I sell a course on courses and have a high-ticket mentorship program. Both are very successful and 100% of the people that have ever purchased either found me through the podcast first.

In summary: I started a coaching business and have made over 6 figures and 100% of that is because a podcast is at the top of my funnel.

Lisa Linfield

Working Womens Health podcast

Podcast: Working Women’s Wealth

I did the mid 2017 intake of PuP and launched in November 2017. I’m a CFP, and at the same time I launched my own financial advisory firm. I’m over 40, so the tech side was daunting and I’ve absolutely NO broadcasting experience. But I do have a passion- to teach 1 million women about money. How to make it, invest it and how to protect it. I never launched my podcast to build my advisory business—that attracts people who’ve already made money—I launched it for the women who couldn’t afford my services but who I was passionate about serving.

Having an audience gave me the accountability I needed to produce weekly content for my solos… and my format of interviewing an inspiring woman every second week has enabled me to network meaningfully with the most incredible women whom I would never normally meet (networking is not my strength).

One year later, I launched my first online course in November 2018. I wanted a friendly, supportive group of people to do my course and so “launched” it ONLY on my podcast. Because I’d recorded that episode a week before “launch” date, by the time it went live, I’d convinced myself no one would sign up. I ended up 3 times oversubscribed and with the most wonderful group of my kind of people.

So what has having a podcast given me over a year of consistent episodes? (1) An accountability partner in my audience that ensures I produce weekly content towards my goal of teaching a million women (2) a network of amazing guests who I would never normally have collaborated with (3) three unsolicited paid speaking gigs from people who have listened (4) credibility for myself and my new business in the industry way sooner than I would naturally get and requests to speak at industry events (5) 3 times the new business volume of clients than the industry standard (6) and most importantly, I’ve helped and served many women who would otherwise not be able to have access to someone who can explain money in a way they’d understand and (6) an immense sense of pride that, despite feeling so much fear, I did it. I launched. And I’ve consistently produced an episode a week for 65 weeks.

Rob and Kerri Stuart

Disney Travel Secrets Podcast Logo

Podcast: Disney Travel Secrets

[Pat’s note: This final one is a little longer because it’s particularly impressive and inspiring. Rob and Kerri shared these three separate updates in the PuP Facebook group over the course of the past year about the amazing success they’ve seen in their Disney travel business as a result of their podcast.]

February 19, 2018

Hello my podcasting friends. It’s been almost a year since we met Pat Flynn, and launched our show. Yes, it’s a show :-). When we began, we said that we are doing this every single week, without any judgement. (OK, I really look at my stats every single day).

I think that now is the right time to share some of our statistics. We just aired DTS Show #52 this morning, and have over 300 downloads already today. As you can see, we have close to 40,000 downloads total. Our average weekly downloads are about 1700. Our biggest day was just over 600… but that may change by later today. More importantly, is how it has impacted our business. Our Disney vacation bookings have grown by over 300%. Our custom apparel business is through the roof, because people listen to our show, book their trip with us, and then order custom Disney t-shirts.

If you have not launched your show yet, do it fast. Don’t wait until you “think” it’s perfect. It’s February, don’t wait until April. We went from meeting Pat to launching in less than 3 weeks. If you have already launched, just keep doing shows. We were never “New & Notable”…doesn’t matter at all.

Disney Travel Secrets podcast growth

August 16, 2018

Hello my fellow Power Up Podcasters.

I’m sharing this to show you how Power Up Podcasting has completely changed our business, and our lives.

We launched our show, Disney Travel Secrets, within 3 weeks of meeting Pat in March of 2017, as part of his beta course. We knew we wanted to start a podcast, but had no idea how to start one. I didn’t know Libsyn from whatever other host companies I still don’t know about. We just knew we had the topic. Disney. And we knew we could write and produce the content, because Disney is our business.

With virtually no list, and a small Facebook following, here is what has happened to us.

First, our download history:

– From our launch in March 2017 until Oct 31st 2017 (when Libsyn changed their format ): 18,807

– Nov 1st until our 1 year anniversary in March: 50,000 total

– By the end of May, we grew to 75,000

– As of August 13th, 100,000 downloads!!

Listeners in all 50 states, and 56 countries. We just learned we are in the top 40 of all travel podcasts in the U.S. Not just Disney, all of travel.

We air a new show every Monday, even though sometimes we don’t feel like it. Yes there are times when we just want to skip a week. 🙂

Because of our show, we left a travel franchise we had been with for 6 years, to start our own agency. Our travel sales have grown so fast, it’s hard to put a number on it. Two months ago it was just Kerri and I. Now we have 35 travel agents in 24 different states, with more fantastic people to come. All of them found us from our show.

I was not sure how to do one podcast much less two, but here we go…

We are launching a 2nd podcast later this year called Travel Talk Weekly. This show is about all of the places we have filmed for our TV show. The only reason we are now ready for a 2nd show, is because we have our system down, and our Director of Photography agreed to do all of the editing for this new podcast. We will definitely batch those episodes.

My advice is that you follow the step by step lessons in the course exactly like we did. It’s a system, and it works for a reason. Be involved in this group as much as you can. The people here are your friends. Thank you so much to Pat Flynn, and to all of you here in this group that have inspired us on so many levels!

February 4, 2019

Hi Pat. Three Amazing things happened to us in March of 2017. 1) We met you in California. 2) We bought your course. 3) We launched our show, Disney Travel Secrets. At that time we were part of a travel franchise. Our sales grew so fast because of the show that in June of 2018, we left our franchise to start our very own agency, Dream Builders Travel Group.

Just this weekend, we hit 175,000 downloads! We now have 50 travel agents that have teamed up to work with us. 48 of those 50 found us through our show 🙂 I can’t share actual sales numbers, but in 7 short months, we are now a top 20 Disney Travel Agency for all of Central and North Florida, which includes Orlando. This past week, 31 of those 50 agents came to Walt Disney World for our first annual Agent Palooza Convention. We also have 15 people on a waiting list to join our agency. ALL of this is because of you and your mentorship.

Take Your Own Podcast (and Business) to the Next Level

There you have it. The power of podcasting in action! I’m so inspired hearing and reading about the massive things people have done for their online businesses by starting and running a successful podcast.

Podcasting can be a phenomenal way to grow your business, as long you focus on two things: 1) using your podcasting platform to build relationships, both with your audience and other industry leaders, and 2) being smart about how you use that platform to help people solve their problems—to serve first.

Plus, as you know if you’ve started your own podcast, actually launching it is just the beginning. To sustain your podcast, you’ll have to adopt the mindset of a pro.

With that in mind, I want to invite you to check out my upcoming video tutorial, Beyond Beginner Podcasting. Beyond Beginner Podcasting is for existing podcasters who want to go in depth on how to get more from their podcast—more downloads, more listeners, and more success in their business.

The Beyond Beginner Podcasting tutorial launches March 15th. To make sure you get to see it, simply sign up for the waitlist below!


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